Here are the finished projects and those in progress. It is an archive of my vision. I do not want to know who you are. I want to know if you will open that door. There is something waiting behind the door. Courage is not for everyone. Perhaps you will not open. Listen to something behind the door. Go, don't hesitate.

Ashes of soft shadows

Silence, shadow, stone. Ancient words. Ashes of soft shadow. See project

The Ancients

This work is in progress. Some photos from country. See project


The dark side of my brain. See project


Stone quarries

This is an old project. Man's cuts in the stone quarries. Lights, shadows, dust. Unnatural drawings in the walls. Work and strength, wounds in the stone.

See complete project

Work in progress

Representation of art

It is an experiment that will lead to a wider project.

See project